Breaking Bricks

PHC022 — 2016.11.05

"Halocyan continue to plunge deeper into their ‘Originary Technicity’ series which has already featured an EP by Hackman backed up by remixers such as Timo Maas and KiNK. For their latest offering, the L.A coterie have enlisted the talents of the legendary German duo Extrawelt and have backed them up with remixes from championed master of machines Ulrich Schnauss as well as Joey Beltram and Giegling affiliate Vril.

Extrawelt’s ‘Breaking Bricks’ remixes addition to Halocyan’s Originary Technicity series will be released across two separate volumes with Ulrich Schnauss’ interpretation and the two original mixes on the first and Joey Beltram and Vril’s revisions featuring on the second.

Having released several EPs through Cocoon as well as 12”s on James Holden’s Border Community, Kompass Musik and Traum Schallplatten, Extrawelt have evinced infallible consistency across their back catalogue and have long been regarded an eminent and influential force in the world of experimental Techno.

Volume 1 comes in the form of two excursive pieces beginning with the title track which sets jutting percussive knocks under a sheet of shimmering hats and pellucid clicks and shuffles. A thick and purposeful bass patterns drives through the mix and propels progress towards a shift into a patch of interwoven melodies that render the sort of saccharine dystopia that fans of Extrawelt will be familiar with. ‘Splendid Nausea’ then blooms behind nifty sound design and gently flexing pads before a persistent pulse emerges and sets things flickering out of focus. A seasick bass line emerges pushing a dark, plodding mood along until the close.

  • ExtraWelt - Breaking Bricks
  • ExtraWelt - Splendid Nausea
  • Extrawelt - Breaking Bricks (Ulrich Schnauss)