Halocyan Records is a record label and global dance brand launched by Dimitri Fergadis, an acclaimed musician and founder of the LA-based experimental techno label Phthalo Records.

Halocyan is dedicated to representing not just the present and future of electronic music, but also its rich history. Although dance music’s popularity continues to reach new heights, many artists, listeners, and labels lack an awareness of dance history and the various techniques developed over 50 years by artists like Kraftwerk, Tanger- ine Dream, DJ Pierre, Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, and Kevin Saunderson. Halocyan intends to change this status quo, and believes in the paradox of great art — that you must understand history to create the future.

Halocyan believes that the techne of techno is not the projection of a universal onto music, but a rejection of such universality. Halocyan is not affirming an eclectic cosmopolitanism, but a complex, nuanced, and sophisticated chain of historical-differential connections that link together any number of names that tend to be recognized for making music explicitly named for its dimension of techne. All the while, Halocyan insists that such a chain is not a universal characteristic.

Halocyan’s ideas result in a commitment to musicians, DJs, and producers who understand not just the program- ming techniques and instrumentation that underpinned classic techno and house, but who are also informed by notions of quality, attention to detail, and perfectionism. These notions drive electronic music’s innovators, mak- ing their works influential and enduring. A strong sense of historical roots — as well as the historicity of these roots — is an essential launching pad for bold voyages into the unknown.